Friday, December 31, 2010

HNY 2011

An awesome display at the world-famous opera house in Sydney, Australia.

Here are some great pics from 2011 New Year's celebrations around the world. I will be glad to post more pics here from all of you, just send them to me at .

Wherever you live in this world we all share, I wish you a peaceful and very Happy New Year!

Joyous, beautiful people celebrating in Hong Kong.

Sao Paolo, Brazil

Edinburgh, Scotland

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

2011 arrives in Hong Kong

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Bangkok, Thailand

Melbourne, Australia

Singapore - what a beautiful scene!

Vienna, Austria

Bangalore, India

Edinburgh, Scotland



Alba Iulia, Romania

Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Manila, Phillipines

Berlin, Germany

Cheers to Bulgaria!

Sydney, Australia

Karachi, Pakistan

Moscow, Russia

And possibly the sweetest little face in all of Hong Kong...


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Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Clip-In Extensions

these are the Euronext collection human hair clip-in extensions. they're 18 inches, jet black, straight, premium remy hair. you get 10 pieces. one 8 inch weft, one 7 inch weft, one 6 inch weft, one 5 3/4 inch wefts, four 1 1/2 inch wefts, and two 1 inch wefts w/out clips for color testing. these run for around $90 each at sally's beauty supply. but they occasionally have promos and discounts if you're lucky :)

i prefer wearing it straight just because it has a strong, lingering odor if i put any heat on them. not cute.

i use 2 belt huggable hangers to store my extentions. since i have them cut & layered it's important for me to keep them in order and this is the easiest way to do so. the huggable hangers are thin and textured so the pins stay put.

i use a paddle brush because its gentler on the hair, and the rat tail comb is great for sectioning. i use Victor & Rolf's Flowerbomb perfume to mist the hair to cover up the odor. and that's all i need to transform my grown out A-line into long layered hair! hope this could help you ring in the new year :)

tutorial on how i put the extensions in :)

THE FIGHTER: The Film Babble Blog Review

Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale play Boston boxing brothers Micky Ward and Dicky Eklund in this strong drama based on true events.

Set in the early '90s, the film begins documentary style as HBO is filming Bale for a film about his comeback. We see archival video of the real Eklund in the ring with Sugar Ray Leonard.

Wahlberg is following in his half brother's footsteps, being trained by him for an upcoming fight. Their tough talking mother Melissa Leo manages Wahlberg and also has 7 daughters who act as a sort of trashy teased Greek chorus on the sidelines.

A very skinny Bale (well, maybe not as thin as in THE MACHINIST) is unhinged and bug-eyed, yet utterly believable and not over the top in his portrayal. He spends most of his time in a crackhouse when he should be at the gym with Wahlberg.

Wahlberg meets Amy Adams as a bartender and asks her out, but he stands her up because he's embarrassed about losing his latest bout. She confronts him on this and almost immediately they are dating.

Wahlberg is offered a chance to be paid for training year round in Las Vegas for a chance at the title, but his loyalty to his mother and brother gets in the way.

Adams believes he should take the opportunity and this makes her unpopular with Wahlberg's family - especially the 7 sisters who gang up on Adams, but they find that the petite redhead has a bit of the fight in her too.

Trying to hold on Wahlberg, Bale goes to the dark seedy side of addiction and creepy criminal behavior. We find out that the HBO documentary about Bale is actually about crack not his improbable comeback.

Bale lands in prison while Wahlberg signs on for new management. Wahlberg starts winning fights, but he's aware that it's Bale's training that ultimately gets him there.

With it's blue collar background and salt of the earth archetypes, THE FIGHTER doesn't break any new ground and its narrative rambles at times, but it has solid performances and a great grasp on the genre's well worn conventions.

In his third film with director O. Russell, Wahlberg shows off the years of work he's put into the part and delivers some of his most layered acting. Bale may steal every scene he's in (it's nearly impossible to look elsewhere when he's on the screen), but Wahlberg more than holds his own as do Adams and Leo.

The fight scenes are shot digitally so that they resemble how boxing appears on television through bright lighting and resolution lines - an effect that enhances the realism nicely.

O. Russell has had trouble when thinking outside the box in previous work (I HEART HUCKABEES was an overreaching unfunny mess), but here his indulgences are reigned in - seems here he neatly thinks inside the box (or in the ring) and it pays off.

More later...

Ecco Shoes

ECCO is a Danish shoe manufacturer and retailer founded in 1963 by Karl Toosbuy in Bredebro, Denmark. Originally established as a footwear manufacturer, the company has since expanded into leather production and leather accessories. ECCO is the only major shoe company in the world to own and manage every step of the production process – from cow to consumer. ECCO opened its first retail store in Denmark in 1982, and has since expanded to become a globally recognized brand with more than 3,800 branded sales locations throughout the world, selling an extensive range of men's, women's, and children's shoes.

ECCO was established in 1963 by Karl Toosbuy in the small town of Bredebro in southern Denmark. Toosbuy founded the company on the philosophy that “shoes must follow the foot” and not the other way around. His idea was to produce shoes that combined innovative technology, Scandinavian design, and traditional craftsmanship with an understanding of the human foot, and how it works.

In 1978, the company made its first real breakthrough, and gained widespread international recognition for its comfort footwear, when it launched the "Joke" shoe, followed by the classics "Free" and "Time". These shoes were the first in the world to feature a sole imprinted with the manufacturer's logo. Over eight million pairs of shoes from this group have been sold since then. Throughout the 1980s, the company expanded its operations internationally. By 1982, sales reached 1 million pairs of shoes annually. In order to accommodate the increasing demand additional production was established in Portugal, and under license in Japan and Cyprus.

The 1990s saw major additions in the ECCO collection, including the launch of Kids, Golf and Performance shoes. ECCO built its own research and design center, named "Futura", in Denmark in 1996, and opened its own beamhouse in Indonesia and tannery in Thailand a few years later. In 1998 the first flagship retail store opened on Oxford Street, in London. By 2000, ECCO owned every step of the production process, from design and leather production to branded retail sales.

ECCO owns tanneries in the Netherlands, Thailand, Indonesia and China. ECCO’s tanneries are among the leading manufacturers of quality leather to the fashion, sports, and car industries. ECCO has engaged in a research program to reduce the environmental impact of the tanning process. Approximately 80% of ECCO's shoes are produced in its own shoe factories in Slovakia, Thailand, Indonesia and China, and 20% under license in a number of countries including Indonesia, China and India. ECCO projects a brand image of a level of comfort and style generally associated with exclusive high-end shoes, while retailing at prices that are a little above average for the mass market, and within reach of a wide range of consumers.
ECCO shoes are sold in more than 90 countries. The company has expanded its operations into markets in Asia and in Eastern and Central Europe, Canada, and the United States. Their products are sold through 900 mono-brand stores, as well as independent retailers and online sales.

ECCO boots by the Danish shoe manufacturing and retail company ECCO have been around for almost fifty years, but their breakthrough into the mainstream shoe market has occured in the past decade. It is safe to say that their surge in popularity is due to the aesthetics, comfort and quality of their goods and not clever advertising or just plain speculation. ECCO boots and shoes are of great value indeed. ECCO currently offers a range of thirty different boot series, ten of which are designed for men. The thing most people associate with ECCO is comfort and this comfort they offer has become somewhat of a trademark. They try not to make compromises in terms of comfort or ergonomics when it comes to design. Wearers may find that their boots are roomier and much more comfortable than most boots on the market today. This consistency in smart design and comfort has helped ECCO boots develop a loyal customer base, which is growing by the day. As a new autumn and winter seasons are on their way in the northern hemisphere, it is time to start looking for proper footwear that would protect you from snow, ice, rain, cold and every possible combination of the these things. ECCO products, designed to be used in the cold Scandinavian areas, will meet your every expectation

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Burberry Handbag

Colorful Burberry Handbag
Pretty Burberry Handbag With Heart Mode
Burberry Handbag Unique Design
Cute Burberry Handbag
Burberry Handbag Nice Design
Brown Burberry Handbag With Beads Combination
Favorite Burberry Handbag
Big Burberry Handbag With Simple Design
Burberry Handbag With Golden Chains Combination
Golden Burberry Handbag
Luxury Burberry Handbag
Simple Burberry Handbag
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